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Choose a laser machine
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    Laser processing machine marketing distractions and Trends
    Currently, in the sheet metal processing industry, mainly metal sheet metal laser cutting machine has two kinds, one is from about 20 years ago transformed into industrial laser products CO2 laser processing machine, and the other is about 5 years ago from official industrial laser products transformed into a fiber laser processing machine. From the sale of units in recent years, the number of Chinese sheet metal laser processing equipment market in view ray machine, CO2 laser processing machines accounted for 40% and fiber laser processing machines accounted for 60%. While in 2007, when, on the market for laser processing machine is essentially 100% CO2 laser processing machine, but we know that, in recent years, the momentum of the fiber laser processing machine violent, are constantly being recognized by the market, is gradually expanding the number of units sold .
    The basic difference between CO2 laser and fiber laser
    Although the current market trend is to favor fiber laser processing machine, but the fiber laser processing machine is really the best choice? CO2 laser and fiber laser, both due to the different physical characteristics of the laser, the laser processing process is different. Of course, in fact, both have their own strengths and weaknesses, depending on the object to be processed, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.
    CO2 laser is obtained by excitation of carbon dioxide gas molecules beam, its wavelength is 10.6 m; fiber laser and the optical fiber is placed in one kind of a crystalline medium Yb (ytterbium) compound, the crystals obtained by the light beam after solid-state laser, its wavelength is 1.08μm. The physical characteristics of different wavelengths have a big impact on both the processing characteristics.
The first fiber laser concept because it is able to propagate through the optical fiber laser being met. Causes can be propagated through the optical fiber is its wavelength, it is because the wavelength of 1.08μm, only able to propagate through the optical fiber. With the advantages of optical fiber propagation is a high performance long-life and maintenance of its optical parts.
CO2 laser processing machine from the oscillator to the processing point, is spread by means of laser mirrors, usually spread in the air inside and outside of isolating the optical path. Although the optical path is not ordinary dirt, or foreign air being filled, but the surface of the mirror After a prolonged use, dirt will be attached to the need for cleaning. In addition, the mirror itself is also due to absorption of laser energy and a trace amount of losses, it needs to be replaced. Coupled from the oscillator to the laser processing point spread, we need to use a plurality of mirrors to adjust the angle of the reflected laser beam propagates, so to maintain the normal operation requires technical skills and management.
However, the fiber laser processing machine from the oscillator to the machining point laser via a fiber to spread. This fiber is generally called the light guide fiber. Since no mirror image as optical parts, laser light is spread in the ambient air and the light guide fiber isolation, the laser light is hardly loss, but strictly speaking, in the periphery of the light guide fiber laser is repeatedly spread , the light guide fiber itself will be much loss, but this CO2 laser processing machine and mirrors compared to longer service life several times. In addition, if the propagation path is the minimum curvature of the light guide fiber or more, then it is possible to freely determine the path, the adjustment and maintenance is also very convenient.
    In the process of generating a laser (laser oscillator configuration), the two are different. CO2 laser oscillator is mixed with CO2 gas placed after discharge space to generate laser light. To ensure that the laser output power derived from the normal operation of a long resonance in the oscillator internal configuration of the optical parts and optical oscillator internal parts need periodic cleaning and replacement.
    Fiber laser oscillator, as I mentioned, is generated in the optical fiber laser inside, and the outside air is isolated, no optical parts, so there is almost no need for regular maintenance.
Cleaning and other CO2 laser oscillator maintenance cycle is set at approximately 4000 hours, while the fiber laser oscillator is set at approximately 20,000 hours. Mentioned earlier in life and maintain performance, etc., can be said for the fiber laser processing machine is a great advantage.
    In addition, we can also try from the perspective of power consumption operating costs also like to compare. Photoelectric conversion rate of CO2 laser oscillator is said about 10 to 15%, while the fiber laser oscillator in about 35 to 40%. Since the photoelectric conversion rate, so the divergence of heat into electrical energy decreases, fiber laser processing machine to be able to machine the cooling device or the like to control the power consumption even lower. In general, the fiber laser processing machines oscillator for oscillator cooling temperature management with respect to CO2 oscillator for higher precision, however, the same laser output power, oscillation fiber laser processing machines 1 / 2-2 / 3 of Used CO2 laser oscillator cooling capacity is sufficient. Therefore, from the power consumption of the laser processing machine to consider all means, fiber laser processing machine will be able to run at about one-third the power consumption of CO2 laser processing machine can be said to be very energy-efficient laser processing machine.
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