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Mold industry advocate public entrepreneurial innovation Peoples
发布者:admin  发布时间:2016-5-13 10:24:05  点击:3641
    Plastics industry as one of the pillar industries of light industry in recent years, the growth rate has remained at over 10%. In the plastics industry, plastic products market is very active, become a new consumption hot spots and new economic growth point.
    Plastic Mould promising market, but compared with the level of foreign technology, very different. At present, China's mold industry needs to break the bottleneck restricting the development of mold. With the rapid development of China as machinery, automobiles, household appliances and building materials and other pillar industries, plastic mold about 30% of the entire mold industry. However, due to the plastic mold parts of complex shape, their designs have a higher level of requirements, therefore, mold tryout results of inspection technology must be innovative to keep up with the development trend of the times, otherwise the plastic mold development will be restricted.
    Mold expert Luo Baihui that, in today's technological revolution for economic development, promote economic upgrading play a crucial role in mold manufacturing enterprises want to break through the bottleneck must improve their own technologies, promote public entrepreneurship Peoples innovation, with innovative means to promote entrepreneurship Chi-made mold .
    Although in recent years, mold exports rose faster than import growth, but the increase in the absolute amount is still importing more than it exports, resulting in mold trade deficit increased year by year. This situation has been improved in recent years, the deficit decreased slightly. Die foreign trade deficit increased mainly for two reasons: First, the sustained rapid development, especially in bringing the mold demand rapid development of automobile industry, some really high-end domestic production can not die, but to import; but it does have some mold can domestic production, also imports. This is China's current tariff policy and project approval system related. Second, the mold is not enough to encourage exports. Now mold and other mechanical and electrical products, the export tax rebate rate of only 13%, while less than 17%.
    Luo Baihui recommend plastic mold manufacturing enterprises should focus on the development of those high-tech large-scale, sophisticated, complex, long-life die, and vigorously develop the international market, the development of export mold. With China's plastics industry, in particular the rapid development of engineering plastics, can be predicted that China's pace of development of plastic mold will continue to die than the overall growth rate of the industry, the next few years the annual growth rate will remain around 20% level.
    In the mold quality, delivery period, price, service four elements, and more and more users will delivery cycle in the first place. Company as soon as delivery requirements of the mold, which has become a trend. Companies look for ways to improve their ability to adapt, improve technical standards, raise the level of equipment, effective means to improve the management level and efficiency are all reduce mold production cycle.
    Vigorously improve development capabilities, will try to push forward the development work until the intervention into the mold to the user's product development, there is no clear even before the user object to develop, regain the initiative. Currently, television and display case, air conditioners shell, motorcycle plastic parts, have been using this method, cell phones and telephones mold development has also begun to try. This approach has long been to break the mold factory, etc. With the contract only to the passive situation of mold design based on user requirements.
    With the improvement of mold design and processing enterprise level, mold manufacturing is shifting from the past mainly rely fitter rely mainly on technical skills. This is not only changing the means of production, but also the rise of production changes and ideas. This trend makes the degree of standardization of the mold continues to improve, more and more high precision molds, production cycles are getting shorter, an increasing proportion of low-fitter, and ultimately to promote the overall level of mold industry continues to increase. China's mold industry currently has more than 10 state-level high-tech enterprises, about 200 provincial and municipal high-tech enterprises. Adapt to this trend, the main backbone of the production molds from the craft talents gradually transformed into technical talent is an inevitable requirement. Of course, at present and for a long period of time, skill talent is still very important, because, after all, is difficult to completely get rid of the mold skills to rely on.
    Mold and die production business is developing rapidly to information. In the information society, as a high level of modern mold companies, only just CAD / CAM applications no longer enough. At present, many companies have adopted CAE, CAT, PDM, CAPP, KBE, KBS, RE, CIMS, ERP and other technology and other advanced manufacturing technology and virtual network technology, these are information technology performance. Information-oriented development of this trend has become the industry consensus.
    Only the plastic industry needs innovation, including, for electrical and electronic waste, solid waste recycling, scrap car recycling, waste paper recycling and other industries need to improve the capability of independent innovation. Light itself is not enough to improve the internal organs, but also the development persist in using the method to solve the problem in advance, changing the mode of development of new, trendy, relying on innovation-driven development, information-oriented development, accelerate industrial steady progress!
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