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Foreign powers mold industry trend analysis
发布者:admin  发布时间:2016-5-13 10:25:02  点击:4433
    As technology advances, technology, high-end processing equipment. Now more and more mold factory has put their business market extends to a foreign country. "Know thyself only know yourself." Let's look at a few foreign powers mold features:
    First, Japan's mold industry
    At present, Japan's mold manufacturing technology is still a world leader. According to MITI industrial statistics, Japan had mold manufacturing plant of about 10,000, of which less than 20 accounted for more than 91%, that Japan mold industry to SMEs, mainly by specialization, complete high quality mold design, processing. As Japan's specialization is done well, the overall high level of manufacturing small and medium enterprises in the mold, so that the "Made in Japan" in the mold become a brand, a symbol of quality. In recent years, Japan plastic mold, powder metallurgy die, die-casting mold growth significantly, stamping dies and forging dies are relatively decreasing trend. According to Luo Baihui understood that Japan now faces five major mold problem - shorten delivery time, reduce manufacturing costs and improve the quality and precision molds, labor shortages and meet the challenges of the Asian countries. For this case, many Japanese mold manufacturers are actively expanding investment in equipment. In processing, extensive use of unattended machining unit, or on-line controlled by computer. In the design and manufacture of almost all sectors using CAD / CAE / CAM technology for simulation for analysis, DNC (direct numerical control) machining. Mold technology development mainly to the high-precision, high-speed, long-life, complex, large-scale, integrated and high-performance aspects of development.
    Second, the United States die industry
    American has about 7000 die enterprises, more than 90% of small businesses with fewer than 50 people. Since the height of the development of industrialization, the United States die industry has become a mature high-tech industries in the world. United States die steel has standardized production and supply, mold design and manufacture of universal application of CAD / CAE / CAM technology, processing technology, supporting advanced inspection equipment, large-scale, complex, precision, long life, the development of high-performance molds reached the leading level. But since the 1990s, a major adjustment of the industrial era after the US economy is facing big changes, but also the face of strong international competition - from cost pressures, time pressures and competitive pressures.
    Third, the mold industry in Germany
    Germany is renowned for its exquisite processing techniques and production of precision machinery, tools, known for its mold industry also fully embodies this characteristic. For this connotation complex mold industry, after years of practice and exploration, the German mold manufacturers formed a consensus: that the industry must be coordinated and work together to tap potential for development, with a spirit of innovation, technological progress together, learn from each other, play well the overall advantages to be successful industry. In addition, the new products to meet the needs of today's rapid development, not only in the German companies to establish a new development center, but many SMEs have done so, the initiative for customers to do research and development work. In Germany, research is always very active and has become an important basis for its international market unbeaten. In the fierce competition in the German mold industry for many years to hold a strong position in the international market, the export rate has been stable at around 33%.
    According to the German workers, mold industry organizations - the German Machinery Manufacturers Association (VDMA) Association mold, mold companies in Germany about 5000, 2003, German output value of 4.8 billion euros mold. Where German Machinery and Manufacturers Association (VDMA) has 90 member enterprises mold, this mold 90 backbone enterprises output value accounted for 90% of the German mold output.
    Fourth, the mold industry in Singapore
    Singapore is one of only three million people a small country in the 1980s and 1990s, the government attaches importance to and support the development of precision molds, the introduction of a number of policies, the mold industry has been rapid growth, and promote the rapid development of the Singapore economy.
    Singapore has various types of molds and precision machining related businesses more than more than 1,000, mold annual output value of over 4.5 billion yuan, has a very important role and influence in the mold industry in Asia. Die companies listed on more than 10. Singapore more than 65% of production molds are for the electronics industry related to supporting the production of mold is not large, but they are high-precision, high levels of mold. Singapore mold enterprises are mainly concentrated in the semiconductor frame / packaging molds, metal stamping dies, plastic molds, silicone rubber molds, and other fields.
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