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  Continuous Casting (CCM)

     Copper Mould Tube
     Copper Mould Plate
     Mould Assembly and Spare Parts
     Cooling Water Jacket
     Cooling Spray Nozzle
     CCM Spare Parts
     Torch Cutting Machine
     Electromagnetic stirrer (E.M.S.)
     Continuous Casting Machine

  Furnaces for Steel Making

     Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)
     Ladle Refining Furnace (LF)
     Industrial Furnace Spare Parts(9)
     Auxiliary Equipment (2)

  Graphite&Carbon Products

     Graphite electrode
     Graphite Crucible
     Other Graphite Products (9)
     Gouging Carbon Rod
     Carbon Additives

  Metallurgical consumables

     Oxygen Lance Pipe
     High Titanium Pellets
     Thermal Cutting Lance
     Cored Wire
     Molten Steel Sampler
     Expendable Thermocouple
     Ceramic foam filter
     Slag pot
     Ingot mould

  Rolling Mill Related

     Cast iron & Cast steel rolls
     Forged steel rolls
     Tungsten carbide roll rilng
     Universal Shaft Coupling
     Gear shaft
     Rolling Mill Guide
     Rolling Bearing
     Bearing Housing
     Mandrel bars
     Water Quenching System
     Shear Blade

  Other Products

     Stainless Steel Products
     Flanges and pipe fittings
     Tube Sheet
     DISC Spring
     Electric Motor
     Grinding Steel Ball
     Electroslag Remelting Mould
     CNC cutting machine
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